Monday, April 6, 2015

A quick update.

Hi all. Just wanted to share a few cards that had made its way to their respective owners.  
It sure is hard to maintain a handmade card business because of the many talented crafters out there but I am really, really grateful for having some than none.  I'm looking forward to joining a few crafters market-fingers crossed, but only when I have enough to put up. 

Hopefully that's going to be sooner than never. ��


Thanks for dropping by, you have little idea of how I struggled to come up with this post. Be gentle to me as I slowly make my way back to blogging. 

Have a great day ahead!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Something for my room..

Starting the new year's resolution by doing some art wall for my craft room.  Decided on doing a 3D butterflies using supplies that I already own.

Here's a brief description on how I did it. A tutorial, if you'd like.

I've already decided beforehand that my artwork won't be bigger any than 8"x8". So on a piece of white textured card stock, I made 4 reference point 2" away from the edges. My butterflies would sit  inside these reference points.

I punched a couple rows of 1" butterflies on strips of patterned paper. Made sure to use a heavier paper cause I know I wanted the wings to stay slightly folded when done.  

You could totally fold the wings freehand, I just liked using my bone folder.  Arranged 5 pretty butterflies  in 6 rows - that's by using reference point I made earlier. 


Very pleased with how it turned out after being mounted on a boxed picture frame. 

So that's the first DIY of 2015. I totally recommend you do it yourself using any piece of paper & shape.    The only other expensive thing about this whole project is the customized picture frame and probably the butterfly punch. 

My craft room is going to look so different, hopefully by year end. Yippie!!! 

Love, Ann.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Getting ready for the new year

So we're nearing year end. Just a few more days before we say goodbye to the good and the bad of 2014 and look forward to another good, eventful and hopefully a life well led in 2015.  Things haven't been too crafty for me, not so much orders for customized guestbook, but during this painfully slow phase, I've found for myself 'things' to keep me occupied. Rediscovering my long forgotten sewing machine that hubby gave as a motivation for a useful 'hobby'.  Yeah, that turned out swell. 

I think I'll just stick to doing the much needed spring cleaning of my room. We finally got rid of some unwanted furniture that was just eating up space in the room and now it's time to rearrange my stash. Urrghh! The amount of junk one keeps within a few months of procrastinating. I'm doing it right this very instant, taking time off- attempting to write something. With my brand spanking new iPad that was a Christmas present.

 Ok, ok. Now I think I'm starting to make no sense at all. I think I'll leave you with a visual presentation of what's behind these nonsense. Time I start rearranging things again. Hopefully I'll be finished by New Year's Eve. Wish me luck! 

                                                  *my mess and I'm not proud of it 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You are my sunshine

This is guilt talking for not writing more often, for not taking the time to finish that oh! 3 other craft projects, for making excuses. 
This is guilt talking for not prioritizing.  For choosing sleep more than spending an extra hour to do an hour's worth of layout. So here it is, an hour's spent on the dusty craftdesk.  My kids deserve more than an hours work but I just wanted it done.
I take comfort in knowing someone else before me has said "better done than perfect". 

Here's to the sunshine of my life. All 4 of 'em.

Better days and layout ahead! Till then, have a great week.


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