Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You are my sunshine

This is guilt talking for not writing more often, for not taking the time to finish that oh! 3 other craft projects, for making excuses. 
This is guilt talking for not prioritizing.  For choosing sleep more than spending an extra hour to do an hour's worth of layout. So here it is, an hour's spent on the dusty craftdesk.  My kids deserve more than an hours work but I just wanted it done.
I take comfort in knowing someone else before me has said "better done than perfect". 

Here's to the sunshine of my life. All 4 of 'em.

Better days and layout ahead! Till then, have a great week.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A new year, a new gadget.  Yeah..I got myself the 5S after many months of deliberating with my poor husband.  It was the epic battle between Samsung S4 or Apple's 5S.  How do you choose between these two impressive machines?  For me, the final call was definitely the iphone's camera.

I love it.  I love it so much that I've put to rest (for a little while) my big camera for this little fella.

I also love the apps to edit the pictures. Simply love piclab because it can do this..

                                              Original photo..

Edited using Piclab

My personal journey in Photography just got more exciting with the Iphone 5S.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

To the moon and back

To start of, a quick return to this blog might make you arrive at the conclusion that yours truly have fallen off the face of the blogosphere.  Or quit crafting.  Or quit, period.  Fortunately I haven't fallen off nor have I quit anything, I've just ...err..slipped and somehow landed on my tush. And it's taking me a longer time to get up and brush off things.

To get things rolling, my x-attempt stamping with distress inks.  The stamps are from TH Stampers Anonymous-Urban Tapestry and the sentiments was embossed with AC Zing Embossing Gold metallic finish powder.

Here's an earlier version of my attempt to stamp-distress.  It's not pretty, I'm wasn't too crazy happy about it but I'm showing it for the sake of sharing that;
#1  :  Yes, you get better at it once you let go of the fear imperfection.
#2  :   Use paper that can soak up water from the spritzing effect for a better result.
#3  :   Oh, it serves as a note to self.

Phew..it's taken me a whole day just to write a single post.  Between work and oh! a few dozen (random) things to do, it's an easier choice to be curled up in my bed reading other people's blog and find inspiration than to actually blog about my latest crafty endeavour. Does all this makes sense to you?

Here's hoping that your day was or will be a craft worthy day.  As for me right now I'm pulling up my covers and call it a day!  Till we meet again-soon!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Flower picking

After many afternoons spent  in front of ASTRO'S Channel Life Inspired, I believe I'm ready.  I'm ready to be the next  hip designer ala the Novogratz. Yes, you may laugh now but when I'm done with the yard, it'll only be a matter of days till you see a bright, functional, kid friendly house.  *haha 

I think it's better to start outside, making our front yard as the first victim.

So I hauled Jack and Chris for a quick stop to our local green nursery to pick up a pot of flower, or two. This would be my first stint at designing - our front yard, that is. ( small steps, baby!) 
We ended taking more photos than taking home flower pots. But hey, it was fun while we're at it.  Here's sharing just some of it.

My mom has lots of these at her house and I could've got it from her but seeing Jacob wasn't too excited over it, I passed the chance to own it for free! Off to the next choice..

Yup, Jack is still in his PJs.

Mommy's little helper at the nursery.  He helped picked out these flowers, they're exactly the size I wanted for our garden.

I'll share photos of our garden next week.  First I gotta find me some help with clutter in the house.  Till then, have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!  


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